Mitochondrial Innovations Workshop: Bridging Theory and Practice

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The World Mitochondria Society has scheduled an annual workshop on the Evaluation of Mitochondrial Function, led by Dr. Naig Gueguen, for October 29 in Berlin, preceding the Targeting Mitochondria 2024 conference.

Aims & Objectives

  • Focus: Investigation of mitochondrial function, dysfunction, and activities.
  • Purpose: To advance comprehension of mitochondria, metabolism, and bioenergetics.
  • Content: Features technological instruments, biomarkers, and diagnostic methodologies for mitochondrial diseases.
  • Application: Incorporates practical cases for experiential learning and insight.

Intended Audience

  • Medical practitioners, biologists, geneticists, researchers in fields including oncology, neuroscience, pediatrics, metabolic diseases, and others.
  • R&D directors, engineers, research assistants, business executives, and individuals interested in mitochondria, metabolism, bioenergetics, and therapeutic advancements.

Post-Workshop Materials

  • A comprehensive PDF report summarizing workshop proceedings.
  • A bibliography and additional resources for extended learning.

WMS 2024 Workshop: Topics & Sessions

Session 1: Bioenergetics

  • Analysis methods for mitochondrial function including respiratory chain activity and oxidative metabolism.
  • Technological tools for research in vitro, in vivo, and ex vivo.
  • Discussion covers respiration rates, mitochondrial membrane potential, ATP synthesis, and redox states.

Session 2: Biogenesis, Dynamics, and Mitophagy

  • Techniques for examining mitochondrial networks and mitophagy.

Session 3: Practical Insights into Mitochondrial Function

  • Diagnosing mitochondrial disorders
  • Parctical case presentations:
  1. Mitochondrial function in models of longevity.
  2. Mitochondrial activity in the context of skin aging and skincare.

Dr. Naig Gueguen, affiliated with the Mitovasc Institute, Mitolab team, INSERM 1083, CNRS 6215, at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire d’Angers, Angers, France, leads the workshop.

Access full workshop program.

World Mitochondria Society
Targeting Mitochondria 2024 Congress

October 29-31, 2024 - Berlin, Germany 
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