Mitochondria and Photomedicine: Advances in Infrared Light Treatment

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Prof. Maik Hüttemann, Wayne State University, USA, and active member of the WMS Scientific Committee will be joining Targeting Mitochondria 2024 this October in Berlin. 

Presentation title: Mitochondria and Photomedicine: Advances in Infrared Light Treatment.



  • Brain ischemia followed by reperfusion leads to neuronal death due to mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Mitochondrial Dysfunction: Reperfusion causes hyperactivity in the electron transport chain, leading to cell death.
  • Current pharmacological treatments have limitations in effectiveness and timing.
  • Specific Near Infrared Light (IRL) wavelengths inhibit mitochondrial dysfunction noninvasively.
  • New waveguide technology was developed for safe and efficient IRL delivery into the brain.
  • IRL treatment reduces neuronal death in animal models.
  • Cytochrome c-COX-inhibitory IRL emerges as a promising non-pharmacologic, noninvasive therapy for cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury.


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